Quiz: How to swear and insult in Europe

What is the first thing you teach your new foreign friend in your native language? More often than not, it is a bad word, am I right? Most Erasmus students come back home experts in multilingual swearing, and if you haven’t heard these expressions before, here is your chance to catch up!



Anja Meunier (Germany)

Studies: Mathematics and Economics

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Europe has… beautiful countries, interesting people, a great lifestyle. And needs to stay together.

500px: Anja Meunier


Luzie Gerb (Germany)

Studies: Art History, Fine Arts and Comparative Cultural Studies

Speaks: German, English, Swedish, French

Europe is… full of magical places, interesting people and their stories.

Website: luzie-gerb.jimdo.com

This post is also available in Català, Deutsch, Español, Malti, Română, Türkçe, [Main Site] and Русский.

Author: Anja

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