Krk Island

Last summer I spent a few weeks in Croatia. Whilst I was there, I visited some fantastic places. This article gives a glimpse into this trip, along with some tips, which will hopefully encourage you to travel.

By Julia Mayer / 25.10.2019

Krk Island

If you find yourself in the area around Crikvenica, you should seize the opportunity and visit Krk Island. On the bridge that was introduced to the picturesque landscape of the island in the 1980s, you can admire the wonderful view of the most northerly island in the Mediterranean.
Krk has an area of about 400 km² and is widely recognised as one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Because of the predominantly mild Mediterranean weather, the favourable geographical location and its natural and cultural variety, Krk was called “the golden island”. Its sunsets, its sandy beaches and its olive oil as well as the regional honey are actually golden.


The little seaside town of Omišalj is located only 2 km from the bridge, in the proximity of the airport of Krk Island. Here, the old city, with its historical buildings and its church, is really worth a visit. It is also a good idea to walk in the park behind the church, where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the harbour.


After that, you can continue your trip in the direction of Malinska. Here, there is a wonderful promenade waiting for you! Malinska invites you to relax, offers picturesque views and is perfect for tourists.


Porat is located near Malinska and offers peace and untouched nature, which is just one of the reasons why a monastery was built here. The Franciscan monastery and the church, that were built in the 15th century, present typical elements of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The harbour offers many shaded places, which invite you to take a break and relax.


South of the above mentioned north-western places you will find the biggest and most important town on the island. The health resort of Krk is in the centre of the island, away from the administrative, political, economical and religious places of importance. This variety is reflected in the history and the architecture of the buildings.
A nice destination while visiting this fascinating town is the medieval “Frankopan castle”. From the city walls your view ranges from the sea to a fortress from the 12th and 15th century, from which you can admire the whole town and the harbour. After, fans of history can discover the history of the castle in the local museum.



The fantastic town of Vrbnik is located in the eastern part of the island. The region around the town is known for its wine production. You can guess this from the landscape and wineries, as well as from the mentality of the people.
However, the surrounding countryside of Vrbnik is not the only part which is worth a visit; the town is just as wonderful. The narrow streets will charm you with their lovingly designed doorways. Situated in the town, you will find the narrowest street in the world.



On the south side of Krk Island you will find the popular seaside resort Baška. Here, the centrally located beach in particular is a place for relaxation. Moreover, along the streets of Baška you will have the possibility to buy souvenirs, for example, perfumed sachets made with the lavender typical of the region.
In the surroundings of Baška visitors can also buy different varieties of honey in the shops of nearby villages. It is worth stopping for a while and getting to know local people.


After a long day of sightseeing, you can enjoy yourself at the healing mud beaches. You can apply the black mud all over your body and let it work while lying in the sun. You will come away with very smooth skin and, after that, you can continue with your sightseeing of the island.
It doesn’t matter how you choose to explore Krk Island. The golden island will seduce you with the harmony of its variety and the fusion of the past and the present.


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