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Everyone has a wallet and the bigger the wallet, the more we can put inside. Wallets are supposed to be for money but other random things can be found in there. It seems as though they are for everything. Recently our wallets have become a social issue. Everyone has started to count and recount their earnings, their costs and even pension contributions. Here are some wallets showing how they are used. What do you have in yours?


I can never find the time to clean out my wallet of papers that I don’t need any more. I have three different currencies: Drams, Dollars, Euros, that I can’t find the time to change into drams. My driving license is the important paper that I always keep in my pocket as ID. And I also have 5 cards with different saint’s paintings which kids sell on the streets. When they come up and ask me to buy one, I just can’t refuse.

01 Nare


I am learning to play guitar. My friends gave me a guitar pick with Paul McCartney’s picture on it which I like and use a lot. As it is small I prefer to keep it in my wallet so I don’t lose it. There is another small image that my friend painted for me. It’s a very funny image from a nice day and that’s the reason I keep it. But the reason to keep it in my wallet is that I think it’s better than keeping a photo of someone.

02 Sona


The coolest things I carry in my wallet are nice memories of different places. I’ve kept a cinema ticket for “X-Men 2” for 10 years, a ticket for Disneyland for 4 years and a card that WARAQ group presented to me for 1 year, and also the metro cards from different countries. I am not sure why I like keeping them in my wallet, but I am not planning to take them out soon.

03 Robert


I always keep bank cheques, cards, money and different work papers in my wallet. What I really don’t like having in there is the 10 and 20 coins. It’s like there’s purposely always a lot in my wallet as if they know I don’t like having them! I even have a separate compartment in my wallet just so that they won’t mix with other coins. Whenever I have the chance I get rid of them at once. I also keep 2 American coins that my good friend brought from America and I decided to keep them in my wallet as souvenirs. I think they bring me luck.

04 Diana


I keep my 10 year old business cards that I made myself in my wallet. I don’t use them anymore as they are out of date, but they still have a place here. Another thing that I’ve kept for years is my USB stick. When I was a student the Internet was useless for information transfer, so I always had this flash with me to use if anything needed copying. Once again it’s out of date but still there.

05 Narine


I don’t like big wallets because it’s very uncomfortable to walk with heavy pockets. That’s the reason I never keep anything more in there other than money and bank cards. Sometimes after using a bank card I keep the receipts in my wallet. But even receipts don’t stay there long, after a while I throw them away.

06 Eduard


My sister bought this wallet for me, but I was the one who chose it. My lucky charm is the 1000 lire that I accidentally found whilst I was working at a 2ND hand clothing shop and I found it in one of the pockets in the clothes. It was my first job ever so I was happy to find it and my colleague wrote something in Arabic on it. I’ve kept it for 9 years but I still don’t know what the sentence means.

07 Eva


Red is my favorite colour, that is the reason my friend bought me a red wallet. She put 1 dollar inside for good luck. Adding more luck I put 5 pounds and 1000 drams inside with the 1 dollar as charms. I also keep the only negative photo of me from before I turned 1 year old. Unfortunately there is no way of turning it into a real photo as it’s a cut out.

08 Tatev


The most exciting thing in my wallet is a one dollar bill which all of the members of the rock group Viza signed. It was the only paper I had in my wallet when I asked them for an autograph, so this 1 dollar is never going to be spent. I also kept my lucky bus tickets from when I was a student. They have a special algorithm: there are six numbers on a bus ticket and if the sum of the first three numbers equals the sum of the last three numbers, they bring you luck.

09 Vardan


I received the wallet 7 years ago as a present from my sister. I got so used to this wallet that even after buying two new ones I still use this one. I believe it brings me good luck, even though I consider myself not to believe in such things. I usually keep my money, bank cards, receipts and some business cards.

10 Gayane


I love coins. Especially I love Armenian 500 dram coins. The heavy and golden shining 500 dram coins that inspires you with confidence, make you feel important as if you have something very valuable in your wallet. I also keep some headache tablets in my wallet as it is the fastest place to find them if needed.

11 Violet


I love my wallet; wherever I go it goes with me. I keep all my passphotos that I have ever had in it. I love these photos and especially love being different in each of them. I like seeing the evolution over time. I chose to keep them all in my wallet, as it’s convenient and I can always show them to my friends.

12 Murad



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